As an independent, multi-specialty surgery facility, Blue Ridge Surgery Center is a part of fast-growing, nationwide trend toward outpatient surgeries being performed outside hospital operating rooms.

Some of the advantages of outpatient surgical centers are highlighted below:

  • Efficient — At Blue Ridge Surgery Center turn-around time between surgeries is as much as three times faster than at hospitals, which means less waiting for our patients.
  • Dependable — Due to our unique scheduling system scheduled surgery times are not as likely to be delayed or bumped by non-related emergencies, as they may be at hospitals.
  • Convenience — At Blue Ridge Surgery Center our patients will not be burdened with the usual hospital red tape. Less paper and testing work makes the registration and discharge more efficient at our surgical center.
  • Family-friendly — Children and families are treated with the utmost care at Blue Ridge Surgery Center; our highly trained professional staff makes sure that every outpatient surgical experience is centered around the patient. Children are more comfortable at the center because of our warm and personal setting. Also, our staff pays particular attention to their needs. Parents stay with their children right up to the time of surgery and join them in recovery soon after the procedure.
  • Comfortable — Patients and their families can relax in a pleasant environment, far from the emergency and trauma situations one may witness in a hospital.
  • Advanced — Blue Ridge Surgery Center boasts the newest high-tech medical equipment. Patients can be confident in the knowledge that their physicians are able to treat them using the most advanced surgical tools available.
  • Convenient — Blue Ridge Surgery Center has sought to eliminate the common concerns people have about hospitals. We provide: free parking at the door; drive-up canopied entrance; fully accessible first-floor facility; private consultation, pre-surgery and recovery rooms; and private patient exit.
  • Personal — Our friendly staff offers both immediate, personal service and highly professional care.